Deity Name

Lawful Evil

Favored Weapon

A longsword, used in conjunction with a shield as well. His favored ranged weapon is an assault rifle.


Argos is a 7 ft tall humanoid male in large, black armor. He is never seen without it donned on him. It is unknown what his race is, as even when his helmet donned on, one only sees two glowing yellow eyes when they look at his face plate. Argos is often seen riding his own mount, Rak, a tall, black horse with glowing red eyes, donned with its own black armor. His legendary weapon, The Destroyer, is a large, black longsword covered in bright red runes that glow with magical fire. His shield is called his Protector, aptly named for its ability to deflect and block nearly all mortal magic. As his firearm, Argos usually carrys on his back a large, black and red assault rifle called The Reaper. It shoots bullet-like projectiles that can pierce through armor with ease.


Argos is often said to be the very creator of war itself, and he often looks after soldiers of all types. He prefers to work with those that worship him, but he protects soldiers of all kinds, and he treats enemy soldiers with respect, as well as anyone who has martial training.


Destruction, Strength, Law, Evil

Home Plane/Destination of the Dead

Argos has named his Home Plane “The Arena”. In it, warriors that have worshiped him that die go to The Arena, to fight each other for all eternity. They are given what weapons they desire, and they fight forever, enjoying the thrill of battle. The rules seem to change at times, but generally they are the same. Those skilled enough become Argos’s body guards, and soldiers. These powerful fighters are often referred to as the Warriors of War.

Cleric Training

At a young age, children with an interest to Argos are sent to the nearest cleric of Argos, and are asked to train. Alternatively, if there aren’t any clerics of him nearby, one may also go to the most devout soldier to Argos in the region, and train with him. They are taught discipline, and how to fight like a soldier. They are also taught rituals that honor him.
After many years of training, at the age of 17, regardless of how long one has trained, they officially become a cleric of Argos.

Seen here are two clerics of Argos destroying his foes


Quests of Argos generally mean involving said person into some type of war, or battle. Generally, this is supporting some type of cause to further soldiers rights. Sometimes, though, its just to go and fight something more powerful then you. For example, if a cleric is trying to regain his spells after losing them due to an alignment change, he might have to fight a group of ten rookie soldiers, or he might have to fight a demon, depending on the clerics fighting prowess. Some Argos quests, however, are about controlled carnage. If any area of space is too peaceful, clerics of Argos may send hostiles into the area. Whether it’s stealing dangerous beasts and releasing them onto a quiet, civilized planet or hiding out on an asteroid where they put a false map on a nearby planet for treasure hunters or raiders to follow right to their location, where they are usually slaughtered by the far more martially powerful clerics of Argos.


There are a few common prayers to Argos, although they are mostly said before, during, or right after a battle. Often, clerics are encouraged to make up their own prayers to Argos, as he is not picky about what is said during prayer.

“Let the blood of my enemies wash over me like waves of water!”
“For the honor of Argos!”
“Argos be pleased for today’s battle.”


Generally, there are very few temples to Argos. It is encouraged by Argos, and his followers to travel often, as staying in one place for long is often a sign of weakness. The few temples that there are contain large, plate glass windows, and images of Argos and his horse Rak in battle, slaying their foes.

Typical Followers

Common followers of Argos are soldiers, as they are often his main concern. They worship him for his strength and wisdom in battle. Races that delight in war often worship him as well. These include kobolds, drow, troglodytes, and certain human cultures that regularly fight in wars.
Any group of Argos soldiers, clerics, or followers that group up into a large group are generally called The Legion, signifying their dedication to Argos.

Another cleric of Argos ready for battle.


Morning Prayer
Followers of Argos generally spend half an hour after waking up to polish every weapon, and to hope for the glory of battle to shine on them that day.

Battle Prayer
Right after a particularly note worthy battle, followers of Argos often sing a song to Argos about the battle. Generally, they make it up, as each battle is different, but they generally contain these two lines:
And we thank glorious Argos
For keeping our hides alive.

A famous battle cry/prayer is “For we are Legion! And we are many!” Most people that do not follow the way of Argos that hear this battle cry are generally doomed, and those that aren’t killed usually witness a spectacular event of violence shortly after the prayer.

Any magical weapon, shield, or armor found or made by a follower of Argos is generally considered sacred, and not to be destroyed. In particular, any magical longsword is considered holy.

The holy symbol of Argos can vary between three different symbols. For clerics it can either A: Be the skull of a humanoid, B: Be an X, or C: Be a phoenix. Worshipers of him often use all three symbols, often scribing them on their armor and shields as a tribute to Argos

Herald and Allies

Kain is one of the most powerful pit fiend in existence, and he is known to be a devout cleric of Argos. He is seen to be both the bodyguard, and servant of Argos. Kain is often seen in many stories regarding Argos, destroying many a foe with his massive long sword of fire, and his powerful flame whip. He deals with matters that the god of war himself is too busy for.

A whisper devil. (Lesser Planar Ally)
A time devil. (Planar Ally)
A horned devil. (Greater Planar Ally)


The Great War
Long ago, longer then most creatures could ever remember, even dragons, there was a war. A war that wiped out many, many deities. Deities were fighting against each other, their beliefs colliding. Desputes of various kinds turned to war.
And this lasted a few years, until one powerful human decked in black plate armor wielding a magical sword stepped forth to stop the fighting. He stopped the deities themselves from fighting by killing those that tried to continue the war. He was killed by it, but the deities resurrected him. For his act of stopping this terrible war between the deities, the few deities that remained granted him the status of a deity himself. Since that day, Argos has been nicknamed “The God of War”, as he is known for both ending wars, and starting them.

Seen here is Argos, ending The Great War.


There are many sects of Argos, but they are relatively minor, generally disputing on only a few things. For instance, disagreeing on Argos’s race, as the kobolds believe him to be a kobold, the drow believing him to be a female drow, etc…


Argos seems to have no known enemies. He picks them up, and drops them as he goes along. He holds no grudges to those that he has to fight against. Generally, however, he despises those that try to stop any type of fighting, as he loves the thrill of battle. Argos does respect peace, but not those that try to stop a fight prematurely. Other then that, he despises any person that treats their soldiers unjustly. And he asks his clerics to destroy individuals such as this.

Argos himself also despises the fellow god Nuada, due to their opposing alignments, and domains. despite his hatred for Nuada, Argos himself respects Nuada for his martial powers. Thus, his followers generally act respectful around known followers of Nuada. If they’re not doing that, then it’s probably because their killing each other.

Many mortals see him as nothing more then a violent deity of death and destruction. Many more pacifistic groups of people commonly protest any church in his name. There have even been attacks on important individuals that worship him. Of course, most important individuals that worship his name are often of great martial, divine, and, very rarely, arcane prowess, so they are usually fine.

Stance On Other Deities

Argos himself has utter hatred for Nuada in the pantheon of deities. If Nuada didn’t have impressive martial ability, Argos would have waged a brutal war on Nuada long ago. Plus, Nuada is the only god of protection, and thus he must remain for the sake of structure in the pantheon. Still, this causes their followers to wage many a war on each other.

Argos believes Sede to be an effective deity of death, and thus he believes them to be his partner in the matters of death, as many deaths do involve violence of some kind, or destruction.

Captain Valar
Considering their similar stances on law and war, Argos considers Valar to be a good friend of his. It isn’t uncommon to see both followers and cleric of either deity sharing a drink together.

Due to his lawful nature, Argos loves the very idea of knowledge, and thus he has a positive attitude towards Finnobar. If their weren’t so many deities with knowledge domains already, Argos would have gladly taken that domain as his own. Not only that, but she is also a god of destruction. And to him, that’s just awesome. Less martial followers of Argos get along well with followers of Finnobar, while the more martial followers are far more neutral towards Finnobar, having no care for ancient tomes.

Because of Tayen’s power with magic and illusion, Argos is somewhat wary of Tayen. While Argos does see the importance of a magic god, Argos was never much a god for illusions. Why make something fake when something more real like a sword, or a fireball could work just as well? Thus, Argos acts as professional as possible towards Tayen, as to not utterly piss off the very god of magic.

Despite the erratic nature of Elaseyil, Argos is quite friendly towards her. Since her domains are nearly associated with the domain destruction, he considers her to be one of his best friends. Plus, she is one of the few gods, other then Captain Valar and Berall, that Argos doesn’t believe to be a total wuss. This is most likely due to her evil nature. Thus, even though many people don’t openly associate themselves with Elaseyil, the few that do are often given shelter by clerics of Argos. Hell, some cases of Argos related carnage sometimes have relations with clerics of Elaseyil.



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