Deity Name
The Fallen Druid

Chaotic Evil

Favored Weapon
A Barbed Whip

Unbridled growth and destruction is what Elaseyil is all about. From the gnarled ancient forests of the old worlds to the chaotic fires of erupting volcanoes, she is the embodiment of nature unchecked. Once a powerful and devout Druid of an even older religion, Elaseyil grew angry and vengeful towards the denizens of the worlds as most turned their backs on nature in order to favor their new savior in technology. Tired of waiting for the day when civilization will eventually collapse and fall into ruin, her goal is to destroy technology and those that use it.

Elaseyil is often seen as a tall, slender Elven female. Her skin is fair but with a slight greenish tint to it. Covering her face and hands are intricate tattoos that glow red when she is angered and swirl as if they were made of molten lava.

Already being a powerful Druid to begin with, Elaseyil claims dominion over any areas in which Nature outweighs Technology. Solar flares, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are often seen as her wrath.

Plant, Sun, Fire, Chaos

Home Plane/Destination of the Dead
Drawn to the savage growth and eternal stretches of wilderness, Elaseyil now calls the Wilderness of the Beastlands home. Though she is not content to stay quietly within this plane. She is known to often make violent pushes to take control of the plane of Arborea, seeing potential in the resources found within it. Devout followers of Elaseyil often join her at her side, continuing her fight against the spread of Technology and her battles to claim Arborea. Though in order to prove their worth in the first place, followers of Elaseyil must have died destroying some major piece of technology or having spent their lives hindering its growth and killing those that choose to create it.

Cleric Training
Cleric of Elaseyil require no formal training. True Clerics of the Goddess are often visited by her in visions once she deems them worthy of her notice through their actions. Murdering innocent scientists or enemies of the natural world are good ways to gain her attention.

Elaseyil will often appear to her followers in visions, guiding them in ways to further her plans of destruction. These targets are often technological artifacts of great value or factions that are pro technology. Though Elaseyil gladly takes credit for mass destruction whether she has directed it or not.

Followers of Elaseyil either pray at dawn or dusk, when the sun seems the most connected with the earth.

“May the fire of the Goddess consume us all.”
“It shall be as Elaseyil commands!”

Temples devoted to Elaseyil are never found within a city. They are often found in dark overgrown forests or deep within caves close to flowing lava. They are often well protected by agents of Elaseyil herself.

Typical Followers
Evil spell casters, barbarians, and others that are opposed to the rise of technology often flock to Elaseyil’s side. Druids that have fallen from the path of good are also common among her followers, using her as an example of how powerful unbridled nature can be.

Nature’s Barbed Wrath
The main reason why followers of Elaseyil wield a barbed whip is to pay homage to this powerful weapon. Nature’s Barbed Wrath is the weapon that Elaseyil is never without. It is an 8 foot long barbed whip crafted from a large enchanted vine. When it is in the hands of a follower of Elaseyil or the Goddess herself, the entire length of the whip smokes and when in use it leaves a fiery trail behind it.

Herald and Allies

Zzeramok, a powerful Balor, is the Herald of Elasayil. It is said that as she rose to power, Elasayil fought her way through the Nine Hells and Zzeramok was the deadliest enemy that she faced. Instead of killing the Balor she enslaved him to her will and he is now forced to do her bidding and destroy her enemies.

Fire Elementite Swarm (lesser planar ally)
Nightmare (planar ally)
Death Slaad (greater planar ally)

Elaseyil and her followers’ extremist views have gained them many enemies. There are very few in the galaxy that would actually openly support Elaseyil.


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